Baby sunflower, baby has gone
You are still dreaming you are on the run
Scarecrow hitchhiking the wind from the bay
Strangers & jokers laugh all the waySee the skies of Neverland
Hear the ringing of the sun
You are standing on the hill
Caterpillar sleeps in the grass

You knew the secret so you were the queen
Now you are watching pictures on screen
You are so tired to open your eyes
Don’t try to get out don’t try to realize

On the way to Nothingam
Meet a creature from you dream
You you couldn’t stand the light
Falling down & down & down & down

Sending the letter from you to the moon
Baby sunflower you’ve grown up so soon
Suddenly strangers dissolved in the rain
You opened your eyes & your eyes were just the same

Other river streams till dawn
Raining in the Friday night
Hear the man who’s made of sand
Walking through the twilight ground

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