Лимонад и Пирожные feat. Dusty Rats (English version)

Shining, flickering
In the evening
Sparkling bubbles
In my bloodOh, look at things we’ve doneit’s so easy

Little bit dizzy
To the darkness
of your heart

There is no place to hide
There is no place to run
Man is sitting on the sun

His eyes are out of sight
But you know he is blind
Without you he’s blind

Through the leather
Were together
Before the dawn you
You were in home

Travelling slightly
In the twilight
Light is falling
Strangers whispering:
Baby, baby
Where are you
Where are you
Candies , chocolate
Cakes with lemonade
Smoking cigarettes
In the evening
Baby, baby
Where are you where are you

Man is sitting in his hole
He went away from home
He’s got one thing to know
Man is sitting on the Sun
Where does he hide
Where does he run
Lazy water of your mind
Without you I’m blind
I’ feeling with your skin
You re my assassin.

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